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I will be graduating from my MSc Digital Marketing Management in summer 2024 and I am on track to receive a distinction! Below are some examples from the projects I undertook as part of the assessments on the programme.

Multi-channel marketing

This module was centred around understanding the appropriate digital and traditional marketing channels to use when marketing a brand. It looked at customer segmentation, developing a theory-informed strategy, and building the practical skills to implement appropriate tactics. The outcome project was to develop a marketing campaign for a real-life business to expand into targeting a new consumer group. I chose a B2C UK chocolate brand and developed an omni-channel marketing strategy to expand into the B2B space, targeting mid-high end hospitality businesses in London. Below is a gallery of the mock-ups I created using Adobe Photoshop and generative AI, showing the suggested tactics for the campaign. There is also a mock-up of an email marketing message.

The idea was to target decision-makers within the hospitality industry on their commute in London, with an eye-catching image that also plays on hedonic motivation. Along with out-of-home advertising on the TFL network, other suggested tactics for the campaign were:

  • a LinkedIn social media campaign targeted at hospitality decision-makers

  • email marketing

  • website SEO and PPC ads

  • interactive trade show activities such as an AR Easter egg hunt and a cooking competition for industry members at all levels to raise awareness of the brand and secure mailing list sign-ups.


Note: tap/click on the gallery images to expand.

Content creation and copywriting

This module focused deeper on developing the practical skills in content creation, as well as learning about theories underpinning content marketing and storytelling techniques. The project involved working for a real life local charity on a digital content marketing plan to encourage donations from corporations, philanthropists and smaller scale donors. The charity's focus is on helping people from ethnic minorities, young people and women to start businesses and break the cycle of poverty.


Below are some examples of the mock-ups and other strategic work I completed for the charity. I achieved a high distinction for this piece of work and was also invited by the charity owner to speak to a group of aspiring business owners from the target community about social media marketing.

The ACF logo and branding is copyright of Assadaqaat Community Finance.

" [...] The best thing about your submission is how comprehensive you have been to apply most of the concepts, ideas, terminologies to your content campaign for ACF. [...] You have topped this assessment for this year. Well Done. "

- Snippet from my assessment feedback from my Programme Director

Finally, here is the mock-up of the #ShareTheLight campaign launch video designed for social media, YouTube paid advertising and even showing at promotional events for the charity. Please note this is a mock-up only and video clips belong to Adobe Stock.

Marketing plan in a digital context

This was my final project, the practical equivalent of a dissertation. I worked with a local Mexican street food business to develop a digital marketing plan and campaign to raise brand awareness and engagement, set the business apart in a competitive industry, and build the brand's reputation with customers and within the events industry.

I have received a distinction grade for this assignment and a showcase will be made available here after the award of my degree.

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