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Image by Christin Hume

Digital and Traditional Illustration

I recently took part in this weekly evening short course at Coleg Gwent. It was a great opportunity to meet other artists and members of the illustration community in South Wales, as well as gain experience using ProCreate software for digital illustration. I continued my work on cat-related art, which inspired me to keep creating these pieces beyond the course.


Web Design Fundamentals

Cardiff Met Digital Skills 'Web Design Fundamentals' course, covering how to use HTML and CSS to create, edit and style web pages. This course leads to the Information and Technology Specialist HTML and CSS qualification awarded by Pearson Vue.

Completed 15/09/2023, achieving 92.5% in the final exam.

View certification on Credly.


Google Analytics 4

Google Skillshop course covering Google Analytics 4

Certificate ID: 259431325

Completed 11/02/2024

View credential on Skillshop.

Online Survey Designer – Foundation

Cardiff Met Digital Skills course on Qualtrics survey software

Completed 27/04/2023

View credential on Credly.

The Qualtrics questionnaire I created for this course assessment is available here: Online Craft Business Questionnaire. Please feel free to enter information into it in order to explore the full questionnaire – it is live so your answers will be saved but it is an example survey only.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google Skillshop course (formerly Google Digital Garage)

Credential ID: 7T6 V4Y MKL

Verify credential here. (You will need to manually type in the ID number given above.)

Completed 16/05/2023

Digital Graphic Design

This 4-week short course was delivered by University of the Arts London. I worked on three projects using Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator® and Photoshop®.

Completed: 07/09/2022

Below are images of my work on this course.

  1. My certificate

  2. My planning sketchbook from week 1, for the first assignment on logo design in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to create a logo for a fictional cat products shop, with the logo inspired by my cat, Snowy. (Image of white cat with moon tarot card on first page redacted as unable to trace copyright).

  3. Logo outcomes with self evaluation.

  4. My poster submission for the second assignment, advertising the opening of the fictional store.

  5. More logo variation ideas.

  6. Layout in Adobe Indesign of a gate-fold brochure I designed for the fictional store.

  7. Annotated diagram of how the brochure should look when printed and folded.

Adobe product screenshot reprinted with permission from Adobe.

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